пятница, 8 апреля 2011 г.

MMT Online won Project Bossanova contest

MMT is a MMORPG game prototype developed using bleeding-edge Ungine 3D engine and RunServer middleware. First presented at GDC 2009 in Moscow on Windows, MMT is being reborn on Linux. We have set out to develop a full-featured MMORPG in a fantasy setting with traditional third-view camera and ASWD control.

When Project Bossanova contest began we got only a rough demo of the game available for Windows in Russian, but this demo was ported to Linux, where development will now be focused, and translated into English. Aside from the game engine itself along with its shader technology, which is out of our control, the client will be open source.

RunServer is about 7 years in commercial server development business. We have fast and stable server capable of handling 2500+ online players per cluster node.
Now with Project Bossanova funding we'll spend most of the time developing client content and storyline instead of fighing network, bugs and lags like 99% of other Indie MMO project do.

Most complete profile of our project is available on IndieDB site with screenshots, movies, concepts and developers' comments:

Official project page at RunServer: